FUJIFILM offers answers to frequently asked questions about the Affiliate Store. If you do not see an answer to a question listed, please feel free to send us an Email on our Contact Us page.

Q: Why must I wait for my account to be approved before I can purchase?

A: Only FUJIFILM Holdings approved USA Affiliates can take advantage of the VIP Store.

Q: How long after I register will my account be approved?

A: Accounts are usually approved with in 24-48hrs after approval.

Q: My account still has not been approved?

A: If you were suggested by a Fujifilm employee, they must approve your account by contacting us.

Q: How long after I place my order will it be processed?

A: Orders are usually processed with in 24-48hrs after they are approved, but the official time to allow for an order to be processed is 5 days after approval.

Q: Why must I wait 5 days for my order to be approved?

A: Though it is rare, depending on time of year, security, or man power, an order could be delayed that long.

Q: What is Preorder?

A: When an item is out of stock, you are able to place a Preorder so you can receive the item on the next stock delivery. There may be times where stock is no longer available and preorders will be canceled.

Q: Why is Preorder $0 price?

A: We do not take any money until the item is in stock. You will receive a payment email automaticly when item is restocked.

Q: What is the turnaround time once my order is paid for?

A: We will use reasonable efforts to try to ship out same day all orders that are paid for before 3pm Eastern Standard Time. Depending on time or year or manpower, we do ask that you give yourself an extra day when making a rush order.

Q: Do you ship outside the USA?

A: Unfortunately, the Affiliate Store does not take any orders outside the USA.

Q: Why does my email address require verification?

A: Because the Affiliate store is on the internet, it is open to many spam and virus emails. The system must verify your email address so it will know that this is not just an automated account but a live person.

Q: What does re-certified mean?

A: Item was returned from dealer and was inspected for good working order, cleaned, & re-packaged. (may have some cosmetic blemishes)

Q: Do re-certified products come with a warranty?

A: All re-certified items come with a 6 month full warranty from time of shipment.

Q: Are the items on the Affiliate store at the discount price?

A: Yes, all items are at the discounted price based off the MSRP price. We do not base our prices on what you will find on the internet.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We only accept Credit Card, Check or Money orders as payment. No Gift Cards!

Q: Is there a limit I can order at one time?

A: Please see store rules for order limit. All purchased items must be for personal use and are not for resale

Q: Why must I pay tax?

A: Unfortunately, all orders must have sales tax unless your state is exempt.

Q: Why does the store not accept back orders?

A: Due to the rapid change in inventory, we do not accept back orders because a model may not be available.

Q: Why can I not see the prices of the products?

A: You must login with a valid account to see the prices.