This program is designed exclusively for authorized X Series dealers who are in good standing in the U.S. for retail sales associates' personal purchase only. One X-series interchangeable lens camera body or kit purchase and one fixed lens camera purchase is allowed per employee during a 12-month period; any lenses are allowed but no more than one of the same type during a 12-month period. All orders are subject to employment verification.

1. Register for a new account by clicking Register in the top right corner under My Account.

2. Your account will not be active until your FUJIFILM sales rep contacts the Affiliate dept. and confirms that you can place an order through the program.

3. Once you are confirmed, you will receive an email that your account is active. You can now place your order.

4. After your order is placed, please provide your FUJIFILM sales rep with the Invoice # of the pending order.

5. Your FUJIFILM sales rep will have to contact the Affiliate dept. and give approval for the order by providing the invoice number.

6. All orders in the future will have to be approved by your FUJIFILM sales rep the same way as above.

7. NO ORDER WILL BE FILLED without the FUJIFILM sales rep approving the order.

8. Credit card orders only. Valid credit card required for purchase. No Personal Checks, cashier's checks, money orders or cash can be accepted.

9. All orders are subject to availability! Please allow 2-3 weeks for all in stock orders to be processed.

10. Sales taxes & shipping charges are incremental. These amounts will be calculated, added to the order & billed to the provided credit card upon shipment.